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Fic: With Bated Breath

Title: With Bated Breath
Fandom: Inception
Rating: Hard R
Summary: Eames is the jealous type. Arthur loves that.
Warnings: Breathplay, jealousy, mentions of cheating
Word Count: 800
Author's Note: I wrote this about a month ago for night_reveals 's Ribaldry and Rage sex and violence fest, and I figured I should actually post it. It was meant to be kinda dark and sexy, but I think it turned out sort of funny too.
Hope you like it!

Eames is not a jealous boyfriend exactly. He's more of a possessive, vindictive, mildly psychotic boyfriend. But those are the qualities that Arthur loves best, as he possesses them all himself.

So when they have dinner with Cobb for the first time in months, Arthur can't help but want to have a little fun at Eames' expense, and maybe use Cobb to do it.

Eames hates the fact that Arthur and Cobb used to fuck. He knows it never really meant anything. That it was the only way Arthur knew how to make Cobb feel anything after Mal's death. Arthur has always been oddly loyal like that. But Eames still hates it.

So Eames is none too impressed with the moments too long hug that Arthur greets Cobb with, or the straightening of his collar, or the fixing of his hair, or the many other seemingly innocent gestures Arthur throws Cobb's way. But being the professional that he is, Eames holds it all in, plays nice and bides his time. Arthur will get his soon enough.

Upon their return home, Eames shoves Arthur up against the inside of their front door fingers pressing firmly against his throat.

"Would you mind telling me what in the ever loving fuck you were doing tonight?"

Arthur smirks at Eames with satisfaction, his plan obviously having worked.

"You have no right to speak after I caught you screwing around with that waiter at the Olive Garden." He breaks free of Eames' hold, pushing him back roughly. "Are you kidding me with that shit? He smelled like breadsticks!"

Eames gives Arthur a smile that would probably make children run and hide behind their mother's skirts. Then grabbing him by the shoulders, shoves him hard against the wall again, using his own body to pin him down.

"Oh come now darling, I only did it because he looked so much like you. You should be flattered. Unlike the time when you fucked your personal trainer. Cause I'm pretty sure Roy Chan wasn't my doppleganger."

Arthur struggles against Eames' weight, their cocks now hard and rubbing roughly through layers of clothing.

"But Roy was-- okay I have no excuse for Roy, but you've seen him. Cut me some slack."

Eames smiles as he wraps his thick fingers around Arthur's throat once again.

"Oh I saw him indeed. Every inch of him. You didn't think I would let you have all the fun now did you? And as for slack, you'll be getting none of that tonight."

Eames squeezes harder at Arthur's throat, tight pressure around his windpipe. If Arthur really wanted to stop him he could have long ago. Instead he unbuckles both their belts and trousers frantically, wanting desperately to get his hand around Eames and himself.

With his free hand Eames takes Arthur's wrist, licking his hand till it's shiny with spit.

As Arthur wraps his hand around both of their cocks his head hits the wall with a thud. The lack of oxygen and the friction of Eames' dick against his own almost too much. Almost, but never quite.

Arthur starts jerking them in earnest as Eames whispers in his ear. "Love seeing you like this darling, so fucking desperate. And I'm not letting go until you come, not until you earn it."

Arthur strokes them faster, his cheeks now as red and flushed as the cockheads in his graps. He loves the sensation of his chest constricting, feeling the strength and power of Eames' hand around his neck. He can feel himself getting closer. His balls aching for release.

He lets out a strangled "Eames" and at that moment Eames kisses him, taking the last few breaths he had on offer. His vision blurs around the edges and he comes in hard spurts hitting Eames' three-hundred dollar shirt.

"Oh you're going to pay for that love" Eames whispers roughly as he reaches his climax moments later, shooting come all over Arthur's favourite tie.

But Arthur is too blissed out to care, collapsed into a heap in Eames' arms slowly regaining his faculties.

"I'm sorry about Dom" he whispers, his throat scratchy and sore.

"No you're not love" Eames smiles.

"You're right, I'm not"

Eames kisses Arthur gently and leads them to the bedroom, slowly undressing him. They lay in bed naked and sated, Eames curled up tightly behind Arthur.

"D'you mind if we give Roy Chan a call sometime? I would love to see what the three of us could get up to."

Arthur laughs softly, elbowing Eames in the stomach hard. "I hate you so much. And yes, I'll call him in the morning."

Eames kisses the nape of Arthur's neck as they both drift off to sleep.

"I love you too darling."
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