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Nuke Big Bang: Inception Primer

 Hi there!

If you're about to read my story for nukebigbang  I assume you have already seen, or are familiar with Christopher Nolan's film Inception. If not, here are a few facts about the characters (within both canon and fanon) who you otherwise wouldn't know from a hole in the wall.

But before we get into the Nolan 'verse, a picture of our main characters and adorably intrepid heroes Luke and Noah. Obviously you know who they are but a visual reminder never hurt anyone, right?

Adorable aren't they?

Now on with the primer...

Inception is a science fiction film about a world with the ability to access, infiltrate and steal from people's dreams. Though the dreamshare technology was originally developed for the military, it eventually becomes available on the black market, for corporate espionage and other illegal activities.


This is Arthur...(played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

He is a point man. That means that he is responsible for all the details that go into a job, including all of the planning, preparation and research. He is meticulous, utterly professional and deadly. He is know for his his well put together appearance, rational mind and calm competence in the face of danger.

This is Eames...(played by Tom Hardy)

He is an extremely skilled forger. And while the job includes the traditional aspects of forgery, his most important role comes in the fact that he can physically impersonate anyone ("forging" their identity) when inside a dream. He is an expert thief and liar whose creativity can clearly be seen in his work, and even extends to his dress sense. He has a brilliant mind, a quick wit and an extensive knowledge of weaponry.

This is Ariadne...(played by Ellen Page)

She is an architect who designs the mazes that the dreams will use as their foundation. She is relatively new to dreamshare, but is a very quick learner with a great aptitude for the work. She becomes and integral part of the team.

This is Yusuf...(played by Dileep Rao)

He is the team's chemist. He creates the drugs (most notably Somnacin) that are used to sedate the sleepers and share dreams. He is a brilliant and good natured man, but he has also been known to put his own interests ahead of the well being of others.

This is Saito...(played by Ken Watanabe)

Originally refered to as "the tourist" because he insisted on following the team into the field on their mission. He is a ruthless, powerful and cumming business man, and has since become a trusted friend and dependable ally to those on the team.

This is Cobb...(played by Leonardo DiCaprio)

Cobb is a master of the art of extraction, which consists of stealing his mark's ideas by infiltrating their dreams and stealing valuable information from them. He is also nowhere to be found in this fic (save for a brief mention)

Arthur and Eames...

The most popular pairing within the Inception fandom. It is established fanon that Arthur and Eames are sexy badass boyfriends who run around having sexy badass adventures.

Be it shooting people while driving backwards...

Having serious business conversations during a crisis...

Or shooting bad guys with a goddamn rocket launcer, while still finding time for pet names ("You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling")

And beyond all the moments of BAMFery they still find time for proverbial pigtail pulling...

and literal chair kicking...

but they are still adorable as fuck and absolutely made for each other.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the story!

All gifs lovingly stolen from Fuck Yeah Arthur and Eames  
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