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All I Want For Christmas Is You (for exmptfromsanity)

Title: All I Want For Christmas Is You
Author: la_fours
Recipient: exmptfromsanity
Fandom: Skippy (Bandom/Disney RPF)
Characters: Mike Carden, Kevin Jonas and the rest of the Jonai
Rating: R (for some sexing and some swears)
Wordcount: 5900
Disclaimer/Warnings: I don't own Mike Carden or Kevin Jonas cause slavery has been outlawed and it would be weird to try and bring it back.
Summary: Kevin brings Mike home for Christmas and Mike has plans to become part of the family.
Original Prompt: I am a sucker for a kind of long-term Kevin and Mike. I would honestly love a fic where one of them is visiting the other for xmas... going to family things around LA or Chicago or wherever for several days. Maybe it's like the second xmas they've been together, or longer. I definitely wouldn't mind a bit of KevinandMike sex but yup, being all domestic and acting like redic teenegers. Doesn't even have to be real wolr, I could totally see a college AU.
Author's Note: Written for exmptfromsanity for the sodamnskippy xmas fic exchange. I tried my best to keep as close to the prompts as possible, but I added a few things here and there. I hope you like it!

Standing on the door step, Kevin squeezed Mike’s hand tightly as he used his free hand to take out his keys and unlock the door.

“You ready for this?” he asked for what was possibly the 18th time as he opened the door to his family’s home.

“Seriously Kevin. Stop. It’s your family, not a firing squad.”

Kevin smiled while still looking a bit worried. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

As they stepped inside, the chaos they had both been expecting didn’t appear. Instead they were only greeted by Kevin’s youngest brother, sitting on the couch eating funyons.

“Hey Kev, hey Mike.” Frankie called out nonchalantly, food falling from his mouth.

“Gross Frank. And hello to you too. Where is everybody?”

Mike plopped down on the couch next to Frankie, putting his feet up on the table and grabbing a handful of snacks.

“Yeah what gives little man? The way Kevin described your Jonai Christmas, I was expecting total holiday chaos. Honestly I’m a little disappointed.” He laughed, his mouth now full as well.

Kevin sat down beside Mike, also curious about his family’s whereabouts. It was Christmas Eve and he couldn’t imagine why they would all be gone.

“Well,” Frankie began “dad’s at the church counselling those ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ types and mom tagged along with the idea that her cookies are anti-depressants or something. If someone offs themselves after eating one of her snickerdoodles she’s gonna be awful bummed. “

Mike shot Kevin an ‘Are you sure this kid is 11’ look that the whole family had grown accustomed to as Frankie continued rambling on.

“Joe’s out buying last minute presents cause he’s an idiot and I think Nick’s out plotting world domination or something. I wasn’t really listening.”

Mike and Kevin couldn’t help but laugh, and Kevin visibly relaxed as a result. They both knew this wasn’t going to be the easiest few days, but at least it got to start out pretty nicely.

Of course that was just the calm before the storm. Soon Nick came back, with a grave look of concern on his face. He was definitely in his own world as he greeted Kevin and Mike and headed straight for his room.

Next Mrs. Jonas arrived, with four empty containers that had once been filled to the brim with cookies and a look of smug satisfaction. But in her defence they were very, very good cookies.

As Kevin and Mike finally got off the couch and headed to put their bags upstairs, Mrs. Jonas yelled out from the kitchen. “Kevin! Mike’s staying in Nick’s room and Nick will be bunking with you.”

Kevin was seemingly in disbelief. He and Mike had been living together for two years. Sure his parents thought that they only lived in the same building out in Chicago, but regardless, he was 24 years old and they were still treating him like a teenager. As he opened his mouth in protest, Mike could clearly see how unhappy he was with this arrangement.

“Don’t worry about it kid.” He whispered in Kevin’s ear. “I promise you we will find some alone time somehow. I don’t want to be the reason that you argue with your family. Especially not at Christmas.”

Kevin sighed loudly. It was obvious that Mike was right and it wasn’t the time or the place to cause a scene. They had enough on his minds already. “Alright, let’s go put our stuff away.”

They headed up the stairs and just before Mike went left and Kevin went right, Mike pushed Kevin up against the wall firmly, sealing their lips together in an almost inappropriate kiss. Kevin couldn’t help but go a little weak at the knees, obviously loving that after 3 years together Mike could still make him feel that way.

“I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to do that again, so hopefully that will tide you over.” Mike smirked.

They stayed pressed up against the wall a little longer until they were interrupted by Nick’s charming suggestion that they 'get a room'.

“Would if we could, but we can’t.” Kevin replied smiling. “But you should know that already, since we’re gonna be roomies.”

Nick didn’t return the smile. In fact if Mike were to describe it he’d say that Nick was actually scowling at them.

“Yeah Nick, sorry about the sleeping set up.” Mike apologized. He and Nick had never been really close, not like he and Joe and Frankie were, but he really didn’t want the kid to hate him for things he had no control over.

“Yeah whatever.” Nick finally replied “I pulled the short straw. No big deal.” And he headed down the stairs without another word.

“That kid is scary.” Mike said, cornering Kevin against the wall again. “Don’t I know it. At least he’s not your family.”

Mike ran a hand down Kevin’s face, caressing his jaw lightly until he had one hand on his chin tilting his head up.

“Only a matter of time Jonas.” He said and kissed him again, not caring who might walk by.

Later that night Joe finally stumbled through the door, his hands full of last minute purchases.

“Hey guys! Merry Christmas. Uh I gotta go wrap these.” And as quickly as he appeared, he was gone.

“Now things are getting back to normal.” Kevin said as he curled up with Mike on the couch watching old Christmas cartoons with Frankie. Nick was still nowhere to be seen, which meant he had locked himself in the basement with his instruments. Kevin’s had expressed his concern about Nick earlier. He hated to see his brothers so upset.

Picking up on Kevin’s mood, Mike wrapped his arm tighter around his shoulder.
“You okay?” he whispered.“Yeah. Just a little worried about Nick.”

Mike loved how much Kevin loved his family, and in the three years they had been together he only grew to adore him even more. He had such a big heart and Mike felt like he at least needed to try and make things better.

By 11:30 Mrs. Jonas was shooing everyone up to bed, telling them that Santa never came to the houses of little boys and girls who weren’t asleep. It was obvious that she was doing this for Frankie’s benefit, but what was equally obvious was that Frankie stopped believing in Santa Claus when he was four.

“I’m pretty sure Frank’s the one that had to break it to Joe that Santa didn’t exist.” Kevin said to Mike, making him laugh. Joe on the other hand didn’t look so impressed.

“Very funny guys” Joe pouted “let’s all laugh at the death of my childhood innocence.”

“You were fifteen!” Frankie replied laughing hysterically.

“I was young at heart!” Joe countered.

Mike couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. The more he thought about it, the more he knew he wouldn’t mind being a part of this family at all.

As Mike finished changing in to his sleep clothes, he sat on Nick’s bed and sighed. He didn’t remember the last time he had slept without Kevin beside him. But he knew that he didn’t like the idea one bit.

As Nick came into grab his toothbrush, he sat down next to Mike asking “What’s wrong with you?”

“I could ask you the same thing” Mike replied. “But to answer your question I kinda miss your brother alright?”

“God you guys are pathetic” Nick said, though it his tone didn’t carry the harshness of his words.

“I know man, I’m so whipped. And the crazy thing is I kinda love it. But enough about my crazy, stupid, love. What’s going on with you?”

Nick rubbed the back of his neck as if he wasn’t sure what he should say, then looked Mike in the eye.

“I can trust you right?” he asked hesitantly. “Um, of course kid. Whatever you say just stays between us.”

Nick took a deep breath and sighed loudly. “Well, I’ve been seeing this girl for a little while and she’s a bit older, so mom and dad just think that she’s been helping me with my music.”

“Oh yeah” Mike interrupted “Kevin told me about her, the one with the name of an airline of something. Continental?”

Nick rolled his eyes, punching Mike in the shoulder. “Haha, very funny. Her name is Delta.”

“And she’s how old again?”

“Um 26?” Nick replied though it sounded like a question.

“You asking me or telling me kid?”

Nick straightened up, his face growing serious. “She’s 26, and she’s pregnant.”
Mike’s eyes grew wide at Nick admission. This was not going to go down well. “Damn, what are you guys gonna do?”

Nick sighed again, dragging his hands over his face, his stress visible.

“We’re gonna keep it. I love her and I know I’m young, but we really want to try and make this work.”

Mike couldn’t believe this. While Kevin had always been considered the sensitive one and Joe was the impetuous one, Nick had always been the level headed responsible one, often considered to be more mature than his age would suggest. He could only imagine the disappointment that this news would cause Mr. and Mrs. Jonas.

“When are you gonna tell them? Mike asked. He couldn’t help but feel so bad for the kid.

“I’m not sure yet, I guess I’ll know when the time is right. But I think I’m gonna do it on my own. Delta’s freaked out enough and I don’t think she needs to deal with my parents' initial reaction.”

Mike put his hand on Nick’s shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. “Well whenever that time comes just know that Kevin and I have your back okay. Does anyone else know?”

“Nope, not yet.” Nick replied. “You’re the first one.”

Mike couldn’t believe that Nick was trusting him with something so important, especially since they had never really been that close.

“Why me?” he asked, genuinely curious. “I didn’t even think you liked me all that much.”

“Honestly, talking to you is probably easier because we’re not super close. But I’ve always liked you Mike. You have been great for my brother, and for that I will always be grateful.”

Mike felt his cheeks flush at Nick’s words. “Aww shucks kid, you’re making me blush over here. And your brother is the best thing that ever happened to me, so no thanks are needed.”

“Still, I really appreciate you listening tonight. You didn’t have to. So to say thank you I am going to do you a favour. Everyone’s already in bed, so head over to Kevin’s room and I’ll be there first thing in the morning so we can switch back. No reason for all three of us to be miserable tonight.”

Just when Mike didn’t think Nick could surprise him any more than he had, this happened. Now he was the one who was grateful.

“You are the best, Jonas.” Mike said as he ruffled Nick’s hair obnoxiously, and headed to the door. “And remember, if you ever need to talk, I’m here okay?”

“I’ll remember that.” Nick replied sincerely. “I’ll be by really early, so don’t keep my brother up too late alright.”

Mike winked at Nick and laughed as he left the room “I can make no such promises kid.”

As Mike opened the door to Kevin’s room he heard him stir. He knew he was probably on the verge of sleep, and tonight that just wouldn’t do.

He slowly lifted up Kevin’s sheet and slid tightly behind him as Kevin let out an annoyed murmur. “Niiiick, we agreed you’d sleep on the floor tonight and we’d switch tomorrow. Don’t be weird.”

Mike smiled as he pulled Kevin closer and whispered in his ear. “Not Nick. Hope that make this less weird.”

Kevin turned around, eyes wide and confused. “What are you…how…huh.”

Mike laughed, running him fingers through Kevin’s hair and down his cheek to this chin.

“You know I couldn’t keep away from you? But I’ll explain it all in the morning, Nick’s coming to switch with me first thing and I don’t want to waste any time.”

Kevin, still obviously confused seemed to find Mike’s vague explanation sufficient. He wrapped his arm around Mike’ waist and pulled him in for their first kiss in hours.

As their kiss became more heated Mike rolled them over so that he was now on top of Kevin. That prompted a moan of surprise from Kevin that travelled all the way down to Mike’s dick.

As they rutted together and the friction built between them, Mike couldn’t help but want more. “Need to get my hand on you Kev. Please.”

Kevin continued panting softly, obviously loving the feeling of Mike on top of him. “Yeah Mike, do it.”

Not wanting to slow his ministrations too much, Mike quickly shuffled him and Kevin out of their pyjama bottoms, but only enough so that the both of their rapidly hardening cocks were exposed. Mike licked his palm, slicking it with his saliva and gripped both he and Kevin firmly in hand.

Kevin let out another moan, this time louder than the last. Mike’s solved that as he instantly pressed his lips against Kevin’s swallowing any subsequent noise.
They rocked feverishly and with an intensity that Mike had come to relish. He insistently squeezed their cocks, increasing the speed as his hand worked them both. In time Mike’s hand became less steady, and their kisses became sloppier and more urgent. Mike ran his thumb over the top of their dicks, mingling their precome as their climax neared.

Kevin had now thankfully been reduced to incoherent babbles, and Mike trailed kissed all over Kevin’s face, down his jaw line, finally settling on his neck.
He felt his orgasm rapidly approaching just as Kevin started panting Mike’s name.
“So close baby, so close.” Was all that Mike could say in response, his concentration completely focused on getting Kevin off first.

Within a couple of strokes Kevin suddenly went completely rigid, then totally limp, spilling all over Mike’s hand. And that was all it took to bring on Mike’s climax as well. As he came he bit down on Kevin’s neck to stifle any noise he might make.

He kissed Kevin’s mouth absently, as he reached for the tissues on the side table to clean them up. And in that moment, Mike couldn’t help but want to buy Nick a better Christmas gift.

As they lay in bed as tired as they were satisfied, Kevin flipped over on his side to look Mike in the eye.

“What?” Mike asked, seeing the gears turning in Kevin’s mind.

“I was just thinking.” He replied absentmindedly

“Hope you don’t hurt yourself.” Mike said with a laugh, pressing his forehead to Kevin’s.

“Haha very funny. But seriously, you always go on and on about how much you think Nick hates you. Why would he do us a favour?”

Mike thought his response over for a while before saying anything. As much as he loved Kevin and trusted him, it wasn’t his place to break Nick’s confidence.

“Nick and I just had a little talk is all. And we seem to understand each other a hell of a lot more than I ever expected.”

Kevin’s eyes grew wide and questioning. “Mike did you threaten my little brother?”

Mike barked out a laugh, immediately covering his mouth to cover the sound.

“Of course not Kev. I’m not that guy anymore. I never really was honestly. You believe me right?”

When Kevin and Mike first met there were many rumours about how he had a juvie record, warrants in multiple states and a string of heartbroken and angry exes all along the eastern seaboard. And though only the first rumour was true, Kevin believed them all. Breaking down the walls he had put up wasn’t easy. But to Mike it had been completely worth it.

“I do. I’m sorry. So you and Nick are buds now?”

Mike pulled Kevin close, wrapping his arms around him and resting his chin on Kevin’s curls.

“I wouldn’t say buds, but he needed to talk and I was there to listen. And no matter what happens, I need you to promise me that you’ll be there to listen to him to.”

Kevin was obviously a little perplexed, but he simply sighed and said “Okay Mike.”

They fell asleep soon after, cuddled up tightly in each other’s arms, just like they would at home.

It seemed like Mike had only just closed his eyes by the time Nick came knocking.

“You guys better have pants on.” He quietly grumbled before entering the room fully. “Your junk is not a Christmas surprise I need.”

Mike couldn’t resist teasing in response.

“Actually Nicky, we’re naked as the day we were born. Come see all the freaky weird gay stuff I’m making your brother do in his childhood bed.”

Kevin shot out of bed scandalized “Nick he’s lying I swear!” As Mike tried to contain his laughter.

Nick rolled his eyes as he finally entered the room fully. “Oh God guys, shut up. This is the least stealth operation ever.”

Stretching his arms and yawning, Mike finally got out of bed. He grabbed Kevin, giving him a quick and dirty kiss that left him breathless, not even caring that Nick was in the room. As he walked past Nick, he clapped him on the shoulder while throwing a loudly whispered “Later Jonai” over his shoulder as he headed out the door and back to Nick’s room.

Mike tried to get a little more sleep before the whole house awoke. And try as he might, he knew there was no way he was falling back asleep. Not today.

He got out of bed slowly, his body still tired but his mind racing. He grabbed his duffle bag and unzipped the inner pocket near the top. And there he found the small jewelry box that he had placed in the bag before leaving Illinois. He had held it for so long in his hands since he had bought it that he was now completely familiar with the contours of the box.

He opened it again as he had many times before, and there it sat just as always, a simple silver band the same size as Kevin’s ring finger.

For now, forever – Mike, was all that the engraving read. It was a call back to a time when Kevin incredulously asked Mike how long he thought their unlikely relationship would last. Mike shrugged and replied “For now kid, hell maybe even forever.”

Sometimes Mike couldn’t believe how true those words would turn out to be.
Though they had discussed the prospect of marriage, it was always in pretty vague far away terms. As in something they could do, something that they even might do, but never as something they definitely would do.

But in the three years that they had been together, Mike had come to understand certain truths. He understood that Kevin was unlike any other guy he had ever dated, so much so that it took Mike’s friends six months before believing that he genuinely really liked the kid. And as far as Mike could tell it took Kevin just as long to truly believe it too.

Mike also understood that Kevin’s family meant the world to him in a way that Mike had never seen before. Sure Mike loved his folks, but the connection and devotion that Kevin had to his brothers and his parents was unparalleled. So much so that when Kevin finally told his parents about Mike their disapproval had led to a thankfully short, but still incredibly painful break up. And though it took three weeks of fighting, and talking in circles for Mike to finally just walk away, Kevin came back to him of his own accord, having finally found the strength to stand up to his parents.

That he was willing to sacrifice the family that he held so dear in order to be with Mike, was truly a testament to how loved Mike was.

However, the most important thing Mike understood was that there would never be another man in the world for him other than Kevin. Despite the problems that they had faced, they were truly, very happy together. Kevin had brought a levity and joy to Mike’s life that had always been missing, and Mike had brought a sense of strength and acceptance to Kevin that he had never really known before. Above all else, Mike knew that Kevin was the love of his life and tonight he would ask him to be his husband.

Mike had been so lost in his thoughts he hadn’t noticed that the whole house was now awake. It was only Frankie’s excited cries that shook him from his thoughts. He closed the jewelry box, and squeezed it in his hand thoughtfully. Promising himself that he wouldn’t open it again until the moment he proposed. He stuffed it in his pocket and headed downstairs to join his soon to be family.

By the time dinner rolled around, Mike had a knot in his stomach the size of a small army, and just as violent. After a whole day of smiling and eating and unwrapping presents and eating and socializing and eating Mike was shocked that a) there was still another meal to come, b) he hadn’t slipped into some form of food coma and c) he hadn’t broken down and proposed to Kevin hours earlier.

The jewelry box had been burning a hole in his pocket all day, and its very presence made Mike incredibly nervous. What if Kevin said no? As much as he was sure that wouldn’t be the case, you could never be one-hundred percent positive. Or what if Kevin’s parents objected? Mike wasn’t sure they could all survive another blowout like the previous one.

Thankfully he had a lot to keep him distracted, between Kevin’s boundless enthusiasm, Frankie’s understandably childlike excitement, Joe’s less than understandable childlike excitement and Nick’s obvious stress, Mike found it easy to just lose himself in everyone else’s emotions and push his own aside.

Just before they sat down to eat, Mike took Nick to the side to talk. It was the first chance they had to speak privately all day.

“How’s it going kid?” Mike asked, his voice full of sympathy.

“I really don’t know.” Nick looked more tired than Mike had ever seen him.

“I know you’re trying to keep it together, but did you ever think that keeping this secret is making things harder on you? Maybe you and Delta should just come clean.”

Nick gave Mike a confused look, as if he just wasn’t sure what he should do.

“I will tell them. I mean we obviously have to. I was just hoping to get through the holidays first, not that it will make any difference. Christmas or not I’m in big shit.”

Mike clapped Nick on the shoulder and started walking him towards the dinner table where everyone was already seated.

“You’re swearing in Pastor J’s house. Believe me kid, I know this is serious. Either way, Kevin and I are here for you one-hundred and twenty percent.”

Mike wasn’t the chattiest guy on a regular night, but he knew he was being especially quite tonight. Kevin had levelled several concerned looks at him throughout dinner, but Mike would just grab his hand under the table and give it a reassuring squeeze.

As they finished dinner and Mike ingested his fifth piece of pie for the day, he knew the time had come.

“So I uh.” He cleared his throat “I was wondering if I could say something for a sec.”

All eyes were on Mike now, and he knew it was now or never.

“Mike?” Kevin asked, obviously confused. The rest of the family all had similar looks.

“Okay so. Bear with me okay?” he took a deep breath and continued. “As you all know, Kevin and I have been together for three years now. And even though we’ve had a few ups and downs, I want you all to know that I love him with everything I have, and I always will.”

Mrs. Jonas visibly blushed at the mention of the “ups and downs”, knowing that Mike was referring to their early objections. Mr. Jonas’ face stayed perfectly calm, betraying nothing.

“And believe me when I say that I know how much Kevin’s family means to him. So that’s why I wanted to do this here and now.”

Mike then pushed back his chair from the table and got down on one knee, while fishing the box out of his pocket.

“Mike.” Kevin whispered seemingly at a loss for words.

“Kev. I love you. You know that. And I know how much you love your family, so I was wondering if maybe you’d be willing to make a little room in your heart and start an all new family with me.”

Mike was visibly sweating at the point, as Kevin squeezed his hand reassuringly.

“What I’m trying to say is. Kevin Jonas, will you marry me?” And he slipped the ring on Kevin’s finger.

The whole room was dead silent as they waited on Kevin’s answer. Luckily they didn’t have to wait long at all.

“You Mike Carden will make an amazing husband one day. And I’m glad I’ll be the one who gets to see it. I will totally marry you.”

Mike was so relieved he didn’t even care when he grabbed Kevin’s face and whispered “Fuck yeah” against his lips, and then proceeded to kiss him with all that he was feeling in that moment.

It was only when they heard a loud patriarchal throat clearing that they returned to their seats to face the family.

“Alright,” Kevin started “you guys should probably just say whatever it is that’s on your minds. But know that this is decision is mine and Mike’s alone and I just really hope that you’ll be happy for us.”

Frankie was the first to speak. “I don’t see a problem. It’ll be nice to finally have a cool brother for once.”

Kevin and Mike laughed as Joe replied “What Frank said, except that it goes double for me. It’ll be nice to have a brother that is finally on my level”

As Kevin rolled his eyes, he turned to face his parents who had still not said a word.

“Mom, dad?” he asked tentatively.

Mrs. Jonas looked to her husband, deferring to his authority, and Mike felt the knot in his stomach return.

“Well” Mr. Jonas began “I know that you two are very fond of each other, and I know that your mother and I were not the most supportive of your relationship in the past, but I don’t want you to conflate this with that.”

Mike and Kevin looked at one another concerned; this wasn’t shaping up to be your average congratulations.

“Marriage isn’t a union that should be entered into lightly. And yes you’ve been together for a little while, but there is more to it than that. You boys don’t know that first thing about how to build a life together. You’re just kids.”
Mike could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. He was not going to let Kevin’s parents come in between them again. Just as he was about to make that perfectly clear, Kevin spoke up.

“Mom, dad. You know I love you, but with all due respect you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The shock that Kevin’s words caused was palpable, but he wasn’t done yet.

“Because I could never be sure where my relationship with Mike stood in your eyes, there have been some things that we may have kept a secret.”

Kevin’s dad raised his eyebrow and gritted his teeth “Things such as?”

It was obvious that Kevin’s resolve was shaken, but it was still not broken.

“Things like the fact that Mike and I have actually been living together for the past two years. And I’m sorry we lied about it and I’m sorry that you had to find out this way, but I’m not sorry that we did it. I love Mike and he loves me and I am going to marry him whether you guys like it or not.”

“You tell ‘em Kev!” Joe added, probably unnecessarily.

Mr. Jonas completely ignored Joe, shooting an angry glare right at Mike.

“You two lied to us for two years, and you expect us to what? Call you adults and wish you well? Adults do not lie. They own up to their responsibilities. They act like grown-ups. They-“

“Delta and I are having a baby!” Nick suddenly blurted out, seemingly from nowhere.

The whole family stopped and immediately turned to stare at Nick.

“Whoa” Frankie said as he broke the incredibly heavy silence.

“What in the hell Nicholas?!” Mr. Jonas yelled.

“Paul. Language!” Mrs. Jonas yelled.

Joe looked around the table exasperated. “Oh my God, how am I not the one causing Christmas drama? I must be getting soft.”

“I’m sorry for announcing it this way. But I couldn’t take you ragging on Kevin and Mike, when they have been nothing but great to each other and this family. And yes, Delta is my girlfriend and yes she’s pregnant. If you want to yell at someone about growing up and being responsible you should be yelling at me.”

Mike was still reeling from the timing of Nick’s announcement, but he was proud that Nick had been honest. He didn’t know what was in store for him, but he would have Mike’s support if he needed it.

With Mr. Jonas no longer seeming so concerned that his eldest son was about to get gay married, Kevin took the opportunity to get Frankie, Joe, Mike and himself to leave the room. They all placed a supportive hand on Nick’s shoulder one after the other as they exited.

Kevin was the last to leave as he leaned over his brother shoulder and whispered “Whatever you need Nicky, you can count on us.”

Mike couldn’t help but feel bad for abandoning Nick to his parent’s wrath, but he also knew that Nick needed to deal with this on his own.

As Joe and Frankie headed off to Joe’s room to play video games and try and salvage some semblance of Christmas cheer, Mike and Kevin made their way to Nick’s.

“We’re engaged now.” Kevin said plainly, “so I think that means that we can share a room tonight. Grab your stuff.”

Mike grinned so wide his face felt sore, but he couldn’t help himself. The Kevin that stood before him was nothing like to the guy he met over three years earlier. He had really grown, and Mike was so glad he had been there to see it happen.

After getting Mike settled into Kevin’s room, they both sat on the bed in silence, Kevin’s head on Mike’s shoulder as they held hands. Mike had never felt so calm and at ease in his life. Just being with Kevin was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, and in that moment any remaining doubts he may have had disappeared.


“Yeah Kev?”

Kevin sighed deeply, raised his head and said “Why me? Don’t get me wrong I know you love me, and I love you too, but we came from such different worlds and I can’t help but wonder what you saw in me back then.”

Mike took Kevin’s face in his hand and kissed him on the forehead.

“What did I see you in you? Fucked if I know.”

Kevin shoved Mike in the shoulder as they both laughed.

“Seriously Mike.”

As Mike’s laughter subsided he started again “Honestly? I saw a shy, kinda gangly kid with too many curls and too little confidence.”

Kevin’s cheeks blushed bright red and the comment.

“But I also saw everything else underneath, or at least I wanted to see what was underneath. From the time that we met on campus I could tell that you were smart, and so fucking sweet and funny as hell and sexy as fuck when you wanted to be.
That’s why I fought for you. Hell I even had to fight you. But every single second was worth it, cause it brought me here and it brought me to you.”

Kevin gave Mike a long and meaningful look as he burst out into a fit a giggles.

“Oh my God Carden, when did you get so cheesy? I am so telling Bill what you just said.”

Shocked at Kevin’s reaction Mike did the only thing he could think of and started tickling his fiancé within an inch of his life.

“You think I’m cheesy huh?” he teased, as his fingers poked and prodded Kevin’s most sensitive spots. “Go ahead and tell Bill, but don’t think I won’t tell him that after I said all that I made you laugh till you peed.”

He was relentless in his assault, not stopping until Kevin was red faced and crying begging for mercy.

“Oh God Mike, please I can’t breathe.” Kevin gasped through laughs. “Please, I-I-I’m sorry. You’re not cheesy, I swear!”

As Mike finally relented, Kevin tried to get his breathing under control. His face was red and flushed and Mike couldn’t help but find him gorgeous as ever. He kissed Kevin soundly, holding him tightly and never really wanting to let him go.

When they finally pulled apart Kevin smiled at Mike in a way that made his heart skip a beat.

“I can’t believe we’re getting married. I can’t believe we’re getting married and it was your idea. You know I don’t even care if my parents come around.”

Mike gave Kevin a look that clearly stated that he knew that was bullshit.

“Okay I do care, but not more than I care about you and our life together. My parents will always be important to me, I can’t deny that. But you and me, we’re going to be more than family, because we chose each other, and it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Mike smiled softly as he spoke “I guess that’s why we’re made for each other Kev. Cause we’re both cheesy as fuck. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Still in their clothes from the day, Mike and Kevin curled up in the bed tired from a day of overindulgence and emotion. As Kevin’s breathing evened out and he fell asleep, Mike continued drawing nonsensical patterns on Kevin’s back with his fingers.

He knew that their issues with Kevin’s parents weren’t over yet, and that the next few days would be rife with stress and disagreement, but he really couldn’t bring himself to care. Mike was marrying the man that he loved and no amount of disapproval could change how happy he felt.

As he drifted off to sleep, in bed with his future husband, Mike couldn’t help but think that no matter where they were and no matter who else was around, as long as Kevin was by his side, Mike was home.

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