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A Tom Hardy Love Post

I have been meaning to make this post for ages, but time and life got in the way. So I decided to wait so that I could dedicate this to my fandom life partner danifangirl. Happy Birthday boo. I love you more than you will ever know.

So without further ado welcome to my over the top, gratuitous Tom Hardy appreciation post.

(the 5 words Tom Hardy chose to describe himself)

Born Edward Thomas Hardy (Sept 15th, 1977) in  London, Tom Hardy has only recently begun to receive the acclaim he so richly deserves. After years of petty crime, addiction, and small roles, Tom is finally making a name for himself on the world stage.

We all know him from Inception and his upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises, but let's take a closer look to see what all the fuss is about okay?

1. Wuthering Heights. (2009)

As the classic character of Heathcliff, Tom gave a nuanced performance of a man who was willing to risk everything for love and becomes hardened and bitter in the process. Though the film did not receive stellar reviews Tom was lauded as a great performer and the best part of the mini-series.

Wuthering Heights part 1 of 14

2. Rocknrolla (2008)

Though he only had a small supporting role, Tom steals the show as "Handsome Bob" the charming, fun loving, openly gay criminal. His loyalty to "The Wild Bunch" and especially Gerrard Butler's "One-Two" and the lengths he is willing to go for them are some of the absolute higllights of the film (tho Toby Kebbell is the biggest revelation of that entire movie).

Yeah, that's Gerrard Butler and Tom slow dancing. Deliciously awkward.

3. Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007)

In his role as Stuart Shorter a homeless and mentally unstable young man who becomes an unlikely advocate for the people living on the streets, Tom lost a lot of weight to accurately portray the man who died in 2002 at the age of 33. In the film, Tom infuses Stuart with a light hearted attitude that is in stark contrast from his painful childhood and bleak life. You can really get a true idea of Hardy's incredible range from this film. A wonderfully heartbreaking tale. (Available on youtube in full)

And here's an adorable interview with Tom and Benedict Cumberbatch who played Alex.

4. Bronson (2009)

With both the film and Tom receiving immense critical acclaim, Bronson is not a film to be missed. Starring as Charles Bronson "Britain's Most Violent Criminal" Tom delivers a wonderfully sadistic and often humourous performance. Once again transforming himself completely into a real person, Tom definitely does the man and his story justice. A seriously dope piece of work.

5. Warrior (2011)

In this film, Tom plays a war veteran and MMA fighter with as much emotional baggage as natural talent. He gives a riveting performance as Tommy Conlon, a man who reunites with his estranged father and brother after many years apart. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest that you stop whatever it is you are doing and watch. Tom's shoulders alone were worth the price of admission.

6. He's awesome in real life too. 

He's worked with at-risk youth (and has a wonderfully inconsistent accent), as well as raised money for the homeless with FLACK Cambridge.

Is a doting father (to Louis born 2008) and fiance (to Charlotte Riley)

And he's just fucking interesting tbqh. From his ridiculous tattoos, love of french cinema and 1970's soul music and insightful attitude about life, he is my spirit animal.

Random pics and gifs of greatness...

He is one of the most exciting and versatile actors at the moment, and with three films slated for release this year (TDKR, This Means War and The Wettest County) and staring in the upcoming reboot as the titular character in Mad Max, the future is bright for Tommy Hardy.

Pretty Tom Hardy thanks you for your time...

Happy Birthday Dani, I hope your day is fan-dabi-dozi!

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