August 22nd, 2011

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Jack Layton: 1950-2011

Hi guys.
I know there are very few Canadians on my f-list, but I just really felt compelled to make a post about this anyway.

Today an iconic figure in Canadian politics passed away after a brave battle with cancer. Jack Layton was the leader of the New Democratic Party (Canada's official opposition party) and a Member of Parliament for Toronto since 2004.

He was a charismatic and compassionate man who really cared about the welfare of all Canadians. He brought an amazing light and energy to a party that was once considered a far-left fringe element. Jack not only brought a sustainable credibility to the NDP, he also elevated them to their highest political standing this past spring, making the NDP the second most powerful political party in the country and the official opposition of the Canadian government.

He was a supporter of the marginalized and disenfranchised, vocally supporting Aboriginal rights, LGBT rights, the poor and so many more. He was married to fellow MP Olivia Chow and together they fought for Torontonians with a passion I had never seen in my life.

On his deathbed, Jack wrote a letter to Canadians expressing his deepest wishes for the future of his party as well as the future of the country.

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