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Nuke Big Bang 2010 fic: And Then There Were Three. Pt. 8

Title: And then there were three
Author: la_fours 
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but my words and the order in which I put them. Don't sue, cause I don't want to give you my cat.
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Noah, Luke/Reid
Word Count: 21 500 for all 8 parts
Warnings: Angst, Adultery, Alison (she's not really a warning, I just like alliteration)
Spoilers: None unless you haven't watched in the last few months. No future spoilers.
Summary: Following the events of the past six months this is the story of how three men Luke Snyder, Noah Mayer and Reid Oliver found themselves at the mercy of love, friendship and betrayal.

Luke bites down on the pillow in front of him in an attempt to keep his voice down.  He's never been very good at keeping quiet during times like these.  As he feels another slicked up finger enter him he releases a deep guttural moan that fills the room and reverberates off the walls.  The resulting "Shhh" and smack on the ass do nothing to help him shut up. If anything, it makes him moan even louder. Luke has always appreciated a good spanking. 

"Are you ready for me, baby?" are the first words other than his own name that Luke has heard in a little while, as he nods his head approvingly to answer.  Suddenly, the fingers slide out and Luke is flipped over on to his back.  "I'm thinking of getting you a ball gag for Christmas.  Do you realize how fucking loud you are?" Noah asks with a smirk that exudes absolute pride. A smirk that says I did that to you. No one else, only me. 

"You know you love it," Luke responds, and it's true. If they were at his place and not trying desperately to keep from waking Ali up, Luke's tendency to get loud would not be a problem in the slightest.

"I know I do," Noah replies, "but I love you even more."  And he leans forward, laying the full weight of his body on Luke while kissing him fiercely. As he licks into Luke's mouth, touching every corner and plane with his tongue, he can't help but remember how they finally got back to this place. This wonderful place together.

It took weeks of friendly coffee dates and inane chatter. Noah telling Luke all about school, while Luke sought Noah's advice on his latest venture for his foundation.  Weeks of just being friends, allowing themselves to remember why they meant so much to each other in the first place.  It took dinners with Ali and Casey, who had somehow found their way back together, but who never pushed for Luke and Noah to do the same.  There were Snyder family dinners and swimming with the kids. Noah was even the first one to take Ethan swimming without his floaties.  It took some very long talks, too, Noah finally telling Luke all the pain and fear he felt being blind, and Luke sharing his feelings of helplessness and loneliness from that same time.  They talked about Luke's somewhat pathological need to be needed, as well as Noah's somewhat pathological need to be alone. They knew neither of these were good long term strategies.  They talked about all of the things they should have talked about a long time ago. All of the wrongs they assumed would right themselves. And as they continued to talk and spend time and reconnect they started to fall in love all over again. Not that they had ever fallen out of love, not really. But this time they were falling for the truest, most honest versions of themselves. Where they once fell in love as boys, they were now doing it again as men, and it was the most satisfying feeling of their lives.

"I love you too baby, more than you'll ever even know."  At that, Noah takes Luke's legs, placing them high on his hips and slowly yet swiftly enters the beautiful man beneath him.  The sounds Luke makes are heavenly, and Noah can't go slow for much longer. As he rocks up into his boyfriend, he hit his prostate every time, making him moan what sounds like the words Yours, all yours. Noah knows that Luke is really and truly all his, but it doesn't hurt to hear that Luke remembers it too.

As they move together, their not so quiet moans filling the air, Noah takes Luke's cock in his hand, stroking him gently, slowly, wanting to make this moment last forever.  However, they both know as good as they feel forever is not on the menu tonight, and with a few more thrusts and even more declarations of love, they come long and hard and probably louder than is polite. But in that moment, politeness isn't really a priority.

When they are done Luke steps out quietly to get a glass of water and Noah checks his email.  He has been feverishly checking to see if he has been accepted to the Masters program at Northwestern University.  Though he is pretty much a shoe-in, he can't help but constantly (some might say obsessively) check for his confirmation email. Instead he finds a different new email, but one that makes him smile nonetheless. It's from Reid. After some time had passed they had begun a somewhat tentative online correspondence. And despite everything that had happened, they still got along famously. Noah was surprised that arrogance could be conveyed so well by email, and he let Reid know that. And from then on they were on the slow road to becoming friends again.  There are still some awkward pauses during phone calls and a few things left unsaid, but they seem determined to make it work.  Just as Noah finishes the email, Luke enters the room, but instead of the water Noah had expected, he has a bowl of ice cubes. He gives Noah a look that says Get off the computer and on me. So Noah closes his laptop and returns to bed.

"You know," Noah says with a chuckle, "you're even louder the second time around. Ali is going to kill us tomorrow."

"Well," Luke responds with a devilish smirk, "you make me scream loud enough to wake the dead and I'll buy Ali a fucking puppy.  If we're going to get in trouble, we may as well make it good."

And boy, do they ever make it good.



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