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A thank you letter to Chris Goutman...

I'm sure you're all thinking "WTF Tonya?" "What do we have to thank that twatwaffle for?", but bear with me okay?

I want to thank Chris Goutman for not only giving us the couple that is Nuke, but for granting us at least some access into their world. 

Maybe this isn't a thank you letter to CG as much as it is a love letter to all the Nukies around the world, whose love and devotion these past few years has truly been a thing of wonder.

Though we never ever got to see as much as we wanted for Luke and Noah (a bed scene, an apartment, etc) we did get to see so much.
We got to see them fall in love and struggle with being two very different young men on the cusp of their first real relationship.  We got to see glances and touches and chaste kisses that conveyed the depth of their new found romance.  We got to see them struggle through adversity and find their way back to one another, time and time again and like any good supercouple we came back for more.

There were times when we wanted to strangle either one or both of them, times when we didn't agree with their words or actions, but we still got to see them love each other, fight each other and fight for each other and for that I am thankful.

We also got to see some of the quieter (some might say boring) moments. Like mushroom hunt flirting and bad dancing, and wonderfully sweet slow dances. We saw Noah stand by Luke through his paralysis, his lack of ambition, Damian's return and Holden's "death", just as we saw Luke stand by Noah through his coming out, the Colonel's "death", the marriage to Ameera and his blindness.  We may not have agreed with all of their choices or all of their reactions but we knew that underneath it all there was still love.  Was there fear? Yes. Resentment? Of course. Bad decisions? Definitely.  Cause let's face it, no relationship is perfect.

But we also had moments of sheer and utter devotion. Like Noah emptying out his bank account to bail Luke out of jail. Or Luke's single minded pursuit of Noah after he was kidnapped. These are not the actions of the average couple. They are the actions of those truly in love and I love that we got to see it all.

Oh and did I mention the kisses? So many wonderful, sweet, hot and tender moments that built a fandom and a phenomenon.  Van and Jake infused their characters with such a sweet physicality that made you believe that these two men truly cared for one another.  The small touches, caresses and looks really resonated with so many of us. Even their hugs were epic. Any Nukie will tell you how well Luke and Noah just fit together. Not just emotionally, but physically. Like their bodies as well as their hearts were meant to be.

And yes eventually things did go terribly, terribly wrong. But I think in the long run this will all have been just another obstacle in their on going story. Had Jack lost Janet while he was with her he would have been devastated, but in my heart would find his way back to Carly. And I believe the same thing for Luke and Noah. Their story is a long and complicated one, but it's also one that will live on past September 17th. And for that I am once again thankful.

Where they go once the show is done is obviously up for interpretation, but we know for a fact that they will remain in each other's lives. And a love like their's though it may grow, may change or may even fade, will never truly die. They were each other's first for somethings and only for others. And  that is a fact that will never change. And we the fans of Luke and Noah can easily believe that in timethey will find their way back to one another.

ATWT canon has given us so much, and the final thing they give us is hope. Hope for both Luke and Noah as individuals and hope for them in the long run as a couple. If any two people can overcome this past year, it's them. Because at he heart of Luke and Noah there is a beautiful honesty that other couples often lack. And that honesty leads me to believe that one day, they will find their way.

So to all my sad Nukies, I know and feel your pain. But never forgot what brought us here in the first place, the story of two young men in love. And though Luke and Noah will no longer be on our screens their characters will live on in our hearts and minds, and I am thankful for that.

Much love,
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